Question: Do you take commissions? 
Yep! You can email me at jamesnewland@live.co.uk to discuss any kind of project and I will get back to you. You can also contact me easily via Facebook or Twitter. Instagram Chat is unlikely to get a response, it’s just not a good platform for talking shop.

Question: Is your work available to digitally buy anywhere? (aka: PDF's)
YES. You can find pretty much every zine and issue of LEASH over on etsy for digital purchase. -ETSY SHOP HERE.-

Question: Are you open to collaborate on a project?
Answer: Yes and no. I am usually always open for commissions and this does extend to commercial projects so if there is a project you would like to bring me onboard with then we can definitely discuss what I can do for you.

Question: Do you do any in person sales? 
Answer: Currently I don’t. I am a one man store at the moment, I am hoping to expand my range enough to warrant looking into attending kink markets and considering stockists.

Question: When will my order be dispatched
Answer: Usually orders are sent off within 5-7 days of being placed.

Question: When will my order arrive?
Answer: UK Orders are sent via First Class Post so they usually arrive within 1-2 days after dispatch
European orders can take 1-3 weeks.
American orders can take 2-4 weeks.
Australia orders can take 4-6 weeks.